What is better: buying a house or an apartment?


The eternal question, what is better to buy a house or an apartment? There are some people who are very clear about their choice, but it is normal to have quite a few doubts, since it is a decision that depends on many factors. In this article we will talk about those factors to help you make the best decision. 

Live in an apartment

The biggest disadvantage of living in an apartment is that they are usually smaller than a house. Although this should not be a reason to rule out living in an apartment, since there are quite large apartments and in addition, there are also many ways to gain space such as including built-in closets or the use of certain colors and indicated furniture, which give the room a greater sense of space.

On the other hand, living in an apartment rather than a house usually gives you the opportunity to find a better location, with more supermarkets, shops or transport nearby. This is very convenient, especially if you don't want to be dependent on the car every time you want to leave home.

Another point to keep in mind when living in apartments is that you are surrounded by neighbors and community life is not always easy. If you are a person looking for peace and quiet, it can be difficult to find these requirements in a community of neighbours and perhaps you should consider the possibility of a house.

As far as security is concerned, there is no doubt that an apartment is much safer than a house, since the solitude of a house becomes an advantage for those who intend to raid it. In addition, apartment blocks usually have some kind of security system, such as a code or card to enter, or even a receptionist.

Finally, if you like animals and you want to have pets, this is a factor we should not forget. Having small animals, such as a Yorskhire dog is very common and should not be a problem when living in an apartment, but if you prefer larger animals, such as a German Shepherd, it would be better to have a larger space, as it can be overwhelming for the animal and for the owner to live almost in "4 walls".

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Live in a house

Houses are certainly a better option for those who enjoy inviting friends and organizing the occasional gathering, it's more fun when you have plenty of space and your own pool. However, a bigger place entails more maintenance. Cleaning an apartment is not the same as cleaning a house: more rooms, more windows and also the outside, although you can always hire a cleaning service to help you.

One advantage of living in a house is the private and proper parking. It is true that in an apartment you can also have private parking but it is not your own, you share it with the rest of the neighbors. And speaking of neighbors, living in a house you can forget about them, you will be in the deepest tranquility.

A curious fact is that houses are colder than apartments, so if you are thinking of living in the Costa del Sol, you have to take into account that it will be much less hot in a house than in an apartment in summer, and this is a very good point.

If you finally have the option to buy a house, take a look at our new home developments in Tarifa. have a look at our new build houses in Tarifa.

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In conclusion, whether it is better to buy an apartment or a house depends on your preferences and your way of life. Therefore, it is complicated to make a general decision and it will be different for each reader. What is clear is that living in Andalusia, either at home or in an apartment is the best option, and we are not the only ones saying this, the renowned newspaper The Telegraph named Andalusia the best place to live. 

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