How to connect electricity to a new building site

dar de alta la luz en una obra nueva

Once the construction work on our new home has been completed, it is time to start another series of steps to be able to move in, such as paying the corresponding taxes or registering the utilities.

This can be a real headache for many buyers, especially with the stress of moving house just around the corner.

But don't worry, to make this process easier for you, we are going to show you the steps to follow in order to register the supply in a simple way and the keys to choose the best contract.

Which supplier to choose for your electricity contract

In order to choose one electricity company or another, we must analyse our consumption needs. Will we use electricity exclusively at night or throughout the day?


It will then be necessary to make a comparison between PVPC or free marketand choose the contract conditions that offer us the greatest benefits:


  • The PVPC tariffIt is the only one marketed on the regulated market, its price varies every day and every hour depending on the supply and demand for electricity, and it is semi-regulated by the government. At present, it is only recommended for vulnerable consumers who are eligible for the Bono Social, or for users who prefer to adapt their consumption to the cheapest times on the market.


  • The free tariffsThere are more than 300 free suppliers operating in this market, which independently set their prices and contracting conditions. In this way, the user can find a wide range of offers and electricity tariffs (fixed price, flat rates, indexed or with hourly discrimination).

Necessary documentation for registering electricity

Once you have chosen the supplier and the electricity tariff to be contracted, you will need the following documentation in order to switching on the electricity supply:


  • Personal details of the owner of the property (full name and ID card number) and contact information
  • Exact postal address of the property and CUPS code of the light
  • IBAN in the name of the account holder for direct debit of bills
  • Electrical power to be contracted in kW and Electrical Bulletin (CIE) that supports it.


The CUPS code in a new construction project will be provided by the construction company itself when the electrical connection is completed; however, it can also be requested from the distribution company in the area.

This can be done by telephone, online or in person at the offices.

Term and cost of contracting electricity for the first time

Once the supply contract has been signed, it will be provided to the distribution company in the area, which, after verifying that the data is correct, will send a technician to the property to install the meter if necessary.


The electricity will be activated within a maximum of 8 days, however, the total time from the moment the user signs the contract until the home has electricity supply will depend on the speed of the company's own management.


The total cost of the management represents a single payment to be paid to the distributor in the first electricity bill. It is divided into three fees, two of which depend on the contracted power:


  • The hooking-up rights have a price of 17.37 € multiplied by the kW of contracted power.
  • The access rights have a price of 19.70 € multiplied by the kW of contracted power.
  • The hooking-up rights are priced at 9,04 €.

(Prices excl. VAT)

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