Furnish your flat completely and without spending a fortune

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Have you just moved in? New house or unfurnished rent? After a large outlay to buy a house or enter a new unfurnished flat, how do we furnish it to look nice and not be of poor quality but without spending a lot of money? We need: planning and time, so we can adapt it to our tastes and personality. In this article, we give you the keys to furnish a complete flat and not ruin it in the attempt.

Planning, space and budget

The first thing is to measure all the rooms we want to furnish well. Write down the measurements on a single sheet of paper that you can always carry with you. Even if you have time, make a small-scale plan to make it more comfortable for you. measure well all the rooms we want to furnish. Write down the measurements on a sheet of paper that you can always carry with you. If you have time, make a small-scale floor plan to make it more convenient for you.

Next, it is necessary to take into account different factors before choosing furniture:

  • The decorative style we want in the house or even for each room.
  • The lighting of the rooms, the orientation.

Make a list of everything you need to furnish your flat

Once the style has been decided, we must set a budget To make it simpler we can list all the furniture we need and how much we want to spend on each one. Then, on that same list we can order by priority, first the essential parts (bed, dining table, chairs, sofa, TV table, a shelf...) and then those that are less necessary. If we don't have the whole budget at the moment, we can buy the essentials first and add the rest little by little.

Its also importar to stablish priorities when furnishing a complete flat. The living room, the dining room and the bedrooms are the rooms in which we spend more time and, therefore, the first ones that you should furnish.

When buying furniture, choose carefully and try to make it long-lasting, multifunctional and versatile: a sofa bed, an extendable table, folding beds, a display cabinet or sideboard for storing dishes, cutlery and other elements that you use every day.

Regarding the complementsTry to save to furnish an entire flat, they will add a touch of colour and distinction to the spaces, and will not overspend your budget.

Where to buy the furniture?

The first option we all look at when looking for furniture is renowned and recognized shops, but this is not the only option. In fact, there are others that can even give you better quality-price results:

  • Ask if some familiar you have furniture that you do not need: it is probable and if you can borrow it even if it needs restoration with a sanding, a coat of paint or varnish, it can come in pearls to furnish our new house.
  • Visit second hand stores If we have not been able to get them for free, there is the option of visiting the second-hand furniture sales establishments, outlets or markets that offer you a very attractive price and good quality.
  • The portals are also a great option, such as Wallapop, Vibbo, eBay, etc.
  • If there is no luck with any of the furniture in these ways, you can also try crear tus propios muebles. Nowadays, the recycling of materials has become a very important issue, taking advantage of the circular economy to recycle materials and get creative can help us to create original and very beautiful furniture. Thus, a pallet can be turned into a table or a sofa. On the internet you can find a lot of ideas and tutorials to carry out these do-it-yourself crafts.

One last piece of advice: beware of so-called bargains. Inform yourself well before buying, sometimes it is better to invest in quality and that in the long run they last longer.

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