How to sell faster?

5 tips from experts to sell your home

These tips may seem very simple, but we can assure you that they are the most effective ones when it comes to selling a home:

  • Paint the house white
  • Remove personal photos
  • Avoid people from being at home when showing it
  • Turn on the lights and open the blinds
  • Make sure you are selling at the rated value

We will explain it in more detail:

Paint the house white

By painting the house white we will give it a feeling of spaciousness and light, this is very effective especially for small homes and studios, also if your house is on the ground floor or if you once had the wonderful idea of painting the living room bright red, obviously if your home is 35m2 will not make it look like The White House, but at least the feeling for the view will be more comfortable.

Remove personal photos

This part is very important, when visiting a house that you may buy you want to feel like you're living in it, that's the key. However, if once inside the house we raise our eyes and we do not stop seeing photos of another family our perception becomes different, the house seems to us as a strange place and this mentally can affect our purchase process, it seems a nonsense right? What have to do that there is a photo of my trip to Lanzarote and this couple does not buy the house for that, well it has a lot to do, really.

Avoid people from being at home when showing it

We know this is not always possible, mostly if you have kids and there is not alternative it is understandable, but at least keep that in mind. It's important to understand that you have to do your best so that the buyer has the best possible experience during the visit and not the other way around, if you want to sell your home. So remember that the fewer people in the house, the better, so you avoid distractions and unnecessary traffic jams, I explain, for our experience we have seen cases of homes of 60m2 in which lived a family composed of a couple and two children, so far so good, but if those who come to see the house are a couple plus her parents, plus his older brother, it turns out that the visit becomes a situation of oppression and stress when it should be just the opposite.

Turn on the lights and open the blinds

This is something that might seem pretty obvious, but we don´t always do it. We want our home to be as bright as possible, and have the greatest natural light, so during the visit make sure you have all the lights on and windows and blinds open, so buyers have the freedom to discover every corner of your home without having to go looking for switches or entering bathrooms in the dark. Ventilate the house well before the visit and try to do it during the hours of maximum light, so that visitors can check every detail without any problem and have a pleasant time during the visit.

Make sure you are selling at the rated value

It is important that you sell at or below the rated value, never try to sell a house above it if you intend to sell quickly as the buyer usually needs financing and this will depend on the rated value. If your home is above this value, we are forcing the buyer to have a large economic contribution saved and this is not always possible, in addition to the competition, if your home is above the appraised value and those around it are not, no matter how beautiful or how much reform it has, it will be difficult to sell it quickly. The fastest way to sell a property is without any doubt through a real estate agency, as experts we can advise you at all times of the market value and all the necessary tips to do so quickly and without complications, filtering the buyers to avoid unnecessary visits.

La forma más rápida de vender una vivienda es sin ninguna duda través de una inmobiliaria, como expertos os podemos asesorar en todo momento del valor de mercado y de todos los consejos necesarios para hacerlo de forma rápida y sin complicaciones, filtrando a los compradores para evitar visitas innecesarias.


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