The best months to buy or sell your home


If you are a homeowner or are looking to buy a new home you should know the best months to buy and sell a property.

The truth is that the best months for this type of operation can depend on many factors, from the city where you live, your housing needs, the type of flat you are looking for or your budget.

What are the best months?

The best months to sell or rent a property depend, among other things, on the type of property. It is not the same to try to sell a small flat, such as a studio, or a house. Both the price and the buyer profile change.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to know who our future buyer may be, to define the profile well.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that from the spring months onwards, Spaniards move more. In fact, between the months of May and September is when more people are looking for flats. This is due to several factors, students move, the holidays come and people look for flats for the summer and the weather is more favourable for moving.

On the other hand, winter is a good time to rent but not to sell. The turnover of flats is lower this season, so prices are lower.

The best months to shop are between summer and autumn, before the cold weather arrives. Summer is a good time to start looking, but the biggest purchases are made in autumn. In fact, experts say that after the summer, the market for buying and selling undergoes a significant rise. The increase in the purchase of new-build flats is greater in this period.

The general rule is that January is the best time to rent and October is the best time to buy, but this is not 100% true.

Factors that can influence

  • The location, depending on where the flat is located and the influx of people in that city at a certain time of the year, it may be easier or more difficult to sell or rent.
  • The budget, knowing the appraised value of the property gives us a basic idea and a price on which to start when negotiating with buyers.
  • Know the market and trends. For this, it is advisable to have an expert or real estate agency that can help you with experience and knowledge of the market.

For all these reasons, it is important to take into account the best months to buy and sell a property.

If you need help with this, do not hesitate to contact us, at IPG Group, we are always happy to help you with the purchase or sale of your property.


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