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At Grupo IPG we offer a wide range of real estate services and related to the world of buying and selling real estate. 


We offer a customized sales service for all our clients. Because two properties are not the same, we make a detailed study of your property in order to offer as much information to the client who sells as to the buyer. Transparency is our way of life. To do this, we will make a study of your property in which we will detail plans with measurements, market price according to location and condition, photo and video report, comparison with similar options, detailed inventory, estimated sale time, necessary documentation for the sale and the amount of taxes generated by the sale. 

What we offer?

House plans
In the study of your property, we will attach plans with the measures to make it easier to sell and in order to provide the maximum amount of information.
We will assess the price of the property according to the location, meters and condition of the property. This price will be indicative and we will always put the price that you decide to put.
We will take care of all the photographic and video reporting that is necessary for the promotion of your property. We know that "an image is worth a thousand words".
There is no market study, no competition study, and that is exactly what we will show you. We will tell you the options with similar characteristics in the area and their price to guide you in the final sale of your property.
We will create a detailed inventory with all the characteristics of your property. This way we can maximize efficiency when looking for the potential client to whom your property best suits and the sale will be faster.
"¿En cuanto tiempo podré vender mi propiedad?". esta es la pregunta que muchos de nuestros clientes se hacen. Te haremos una estimación con los tiempos de venta realistas y siempre según la actualidad del mercado.
All the information we collect will be provided to you in clear and detailed documentation so that there are no doubts. A good presentation sells by itself.
Paso 1, Planos.
Paso 2, precio.
Paso 3, imagen.
Paso 4, comparativa.
Paso 5, inventario.
Paso 6, tiempos.
Paso 7, documentación.

Virtual Tours

Do you want future clients to visit your house even from theirs? At Grupo IPG we offer state-of-the-art virtual tours. These virtual tours will make your property reach many more potential clients, so the times and the possibilities of sale will increase. 

Ask for information to our agents, in our offices or directly from this website. 


Our professionals know how to make your house sell on its own. We value the photographic and image section. 

The presentation of your home will be the first thing any potential client will notice and that is why all the images we generate will be absolutely professional. 

Interior poster mock up living room with colorful white sofa . 3D rendering. Interior poster mock up living room with colorful white sofa . 3D rendering.

Do you want to rent?


At Grupo IPG we help you throughout the process. We take care of all the image and advertising of your property, photography, paperwork and above all, we look for the client that best suits the availability of your apartment or property. 


At Grupo IPG we help you throughout the process. We will help you find the property that best suits your needs, both in price, as well as in location or services close to your property available.