Buy a flat in Estepona. The best areas to look for your property.

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The property market in the town of Estepona has experienced strong growth in recent years, both in new and resale properties, and the available supply of properties has continued to increase. Both in new and resale properties, and the available supply of properties has been increasing all the time. Are you looking to buy a property in Estepona? keep reading.

With this post, we would like to take a look at the current property market and flats in Estepona(This post was made in May 2021).

To begin with, we have to distinguish the best areas within the city centre and also in the extra-urban area. So, let's start.

Zones in the Extra-radio of Estepona:

Living in the extra-radius of any city has its advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we are not going to list them all since it is something that is already more than talked about. As a summary we could say, in the particular case that you want to buy your flat in Estepona, that the extra-radio is full of urbanizations where we can find a good quality of life to the detriment of the proximity of essential services such as schools, or supermarkets.

Taking into account all that living outside the city centre entails, we can find three main areas that are currently growing, and where there are many possibilities to find the housing we need.

Roman Valley

The urbanisation of Valle Romano, West zone, is one of the main and fastest growing locations in the municipality of Estepona in the last few years. This area has a semi-private urbanization with private security, one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, and several surrounding new developments that are currently being completed.

In case you want to buy your flat in Estepona, in this particular area, the driving distance to the marina of the town is no more than five minutes and to the centre of Estepona ten minutes. The nearest supermarkets are about 10 minutes away and the beach of El Cristo, one of the best locations, is a five minute drive.

Selwo Aventura Park area.

The eastern part of the extra-radio. This area is full of relatively young new and second-hand housing estates, some of which are no more than 10 years old. Over time, a mini-city has been created in this area, although it still lacks essential services such as schools or medical centres nearby, at least public medical centres.

In this area, there is a wide variety of flats, houses and properties that can be purchased for an average price, somewhat less than in the city centre, mainly for the reasons you can already imagine, it is mainly because of having to have vehicles to do the shopping, for example. The nearest super markets are between 10 and 15 minutes away by car depending on traffic.

Estepona, town centre.

Within the town centre, which is the best area if you want to buy your flat in Estepona, we have to distinguish two main areas of interest when looking for a property. Actually, the type of property we are looking for will be what defines the area in which we should look, since, if you are looking for a newly built flat, you will have to look in the expansion area of the town centre and, above all, in the North and West area of the city.

Old Town

In the old town of Estepona, above all, we are going to find a certain type of housing. Normally detached houses of 1, 2 or 3 floors. These types of properties are usually in need of refurbishment, although they are usually in a good state of conservation and are usually inhabited and in perfect condition to live in.

You will also find properties that need to be reformed. Normally, in the old town of Estepona you will find houses with plots that can range from 100 square metres to 240 square metres or even more. The good thing about these plots in the old town is that, in the vast majority of places, you will be able to build between two and four storeys high, so, if you have the money to make a good investment, you will be able to build a fairly spacious house in the centre of town.

If you are looking for flats in the old town, next to the sea and newly built, do not hesitate to visit or ask us about our development of new flats in the centre of the old town, Ventura Estepona.

Expansion zone

As we have mentioned before, the current expansion area of Estepona is mainly located in the northwest area of the city. This area in recent years has seen an exponential growth of new homes and flats, which undoubtedly offer a wide range of possibilities.

In this area we will find, almost exclusively, 1 to 3 bedroom flats in all price ranges, although, on average, it is normal to find properties from 140.000 €. This area, although it is in the city, depending on the specific area it is possible that for actions such as shopping, you may have to take the car or some means of transport as it is at a medium walking distance from the most popular supermarkets.


In general, we can observe that the majority of the real estate market in the city of Estepona is currently divided into four main areas, two in the extra-radio and two in the town centre. Obviously there are many more areas where you can buy your flat in Estepona and that are currently selling homes, but we can highlight these areas. As a general rule, in the town centre we have in almost any of the areas, we have all kinds of services nearby. The best area, without a doubt, is the old town where we will not have the need to take our vehicle to go shopping, go to restaurants, schools, medical centres, and the beach, etc. In this area, the best located housing development, without any doubt, is our development of Ventura Estepona flats.

If you want to be informed of our news and offers do not hesitate to visit us regularly and also follow us on our social networks such as Facebook or our channel on YouTube.

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