What do you need to be a great real estate agent?

A highly demanded job is that of a commercial real estate agent. When you decide to work in this sector and for this particular position, you should know that there are certain knowledge and skills that the real estate agency in question will look for in your CV to see if you are the ideal candidate.

Do you need any qualifications or aptitudes to be a real estate agent?

The first thing is that to be a real estate agent you do not need a specific university education, in fact you may have studied business administration, psychology or marketing which does not really matter. What counts is your experience with the public and your social skills. 

It is very important that you can demonstrate empathy, conflict resolution, persuasion or even group leadership skills, as these are highly valued skills for the job.

As a worker it is important to have a clear orientation towards short, medium and long term results. Because selling on a day-to-day basis is important but without a clear long-term goal you lose that complete vision that allows you to act accordingly. Therefore, a salesperson must have a clear plan to know where he or she wants to go, what to do and how to avoid situations that could damage the sale.

Unless you are an expert, you must improve your communication techniques and creativity. Knowing how to speak in public, defend a price or jump up and down on the qualities of a product are key factors in closing a sale.

Finally, when you have already got the interview, it is very important to know the real estate market and the agency that is going to interview you so that you can propose ideas, alternatives and even improvements and show that you are really interested in the position. It is important to leave the feeling that you are going to bring an added value to the team that already exists.

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